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At People Whisperers, we are committed to providing ways to help you focus squarely on your goals. Your ability to manage your time, improve your assertiveness and balance your hectic life is critical if you are currently a full or part time student or wanting behavior-change coaching. Please feel free to contact me. I have decades of experience to share with you, ways to stay on task, on time and on track. I will provide reasonably priced tutoring and even life coaching services designed to keep you pointed toward completion of your academic and personal goals.

Why us?

I have given over 30 years in service to others providing

effective learning solutions.

I can show you the means to

think, feel and become better in difficult academic settings. I am a combat veteran and have been supervised in my area of expertise

since 1982 by 6 consecutive Ph.D. level, Clinical Psychologists.

Let my experience help guide you on a clear path to your undergraduate or graduate degree


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